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Corporate Clothing and Replaceable Branded Stickers

*we work with orders from 100 pcs.
Our Clients
Tilda Publishing
Who Might Like Our Solution
Tilda Publishing
Companies With Employees
Corporate clothing for your employees!
Advertising Agencies
Orders or gifts for your partners and customers!
Conference Hosts
For your visitors, speakers, and sponsors!
Harz Labs
Harz Labs
Ипотека Центр
Ипотека Центр
Райффайзен Банк
Grade Stickers for Developers at an IT Company Lad
Tilda Publishing
Now Is the Time for Merchandise and Corporate Clothing!

Most companies have already given or are planning to give their employees clothes with recognisable designs, popular quotes from the company sector, and their logo.

Do you already have your own merch? :)
Text is unchangeable
An employee is not always willing to wear these clothes outside the office
Inscriptions might not be decent enough to show them to your clients
However, such pieces have disadvantages:
No glue or seems!
Divide images from clothes and let your employees and partners choose their own design or text!
We Suggest an Improved Solution
A Better Hoodie
All our hoodies have an additional insert in the chest area. It is made of fabric that holds sew-on and velcro patches well.
Velcro Fastened Images
We suggest making all designs and texts in the form of textile or rubber patches sewn with velcro.
Employees will be able to match the image to the mood or situation. And in general, it's fun! :)

It Is Also Cost Efficient!
If you are involved in conferences and events, you know that for each event you need to order new clothes for your employees.

What for?

It is enough to order the clothes once, and just change the patches on the chest for each event.
The year has changed — change the sticker.

Changed the name of the conference — change the sticker.

Invited a speaker — that's right, just give them a sticker that says "SPEAKER"!
Tilda Publishing
1. Choose Style and Sizes
First, you need to decide on the models of clothing and the size range.
Using our patterns
is FREE!
Creating a custom pattern
We Have These Hoodie Patterns:
If you choose models from our catalog, we will work with our sewing patterns.

If you would like to create a custom model or add a new size, we will add the price of creating a new pattern to your order total.
NEW! We Also Have T-shirts Now!
Towards the summer and warm weather, you may want to order corporate T-shirts.

We have worked out the patterns so that only the central part is made of the pile fabric.

T-shirts can be one- or multicolored.
2. Choose Material and Colors
After you have chosen a model and size range, you need to choose the material of the main fabric, the color of the fabric, the color of the pile insert.
Choose any color FOR FREE!
Please note that there are restrictions on the colors of the insert on the chest.

There are 5 colors available now:
It is possible to make other colors of the insert, but this will require additional time.
This is a pile insert on the chest, we use a special fabric for it.
As the main fabrics, we use a three-fold thread lining with and without fleece.

Texture: cmb.

Composition: cotton 80%, polyester 20%.

The texture and composition of the material can be changed at your request, since we will order the fabric for your batch.
Ready to Discuss the Styles and Colors of Your Merch?
Submit a request and we will contact you shortly.

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3. Choose Images for Your Stickers
To create stickers, we first need to make images. You have options:
Please note that your images must be vector in AI or PDF format.
You can provide us with your images and stickers.

You can order images from us. We will help with sketches, the choice of style and, of course, with the production.
4. Choose Sticker Type
We are working with two types of sticker materials: classic embroidery and rubber patches.

The cost of preparation and the product, as well as the production time, depends on your choice.
We will show you samples and help you choose!
Rubber patch
Embroidered patch
Embroidery or Rubber?
For embroidery, we create a program for an embroidery machine. That is a base for your patch.
Limitations: you can use up to 15 colors.
Pros: You can make very small details.
Cons: Difficult to make clear contours
For a rubber patch, we create a 3d model, then cut out a metal cliche, in which each sticker is then cast.
Limitations: You can use up to 11 colors.
Pros: Vibrant colors and clear contours
Cons: You can't print very small details
You Can Get Inscriptions Instead of Images!
You can come up with your own phrases and expressions that are popular in your company.

Your employees will be happy to set statuses not in social networks, but directly on themselves :)
Would You Like to Ask Which Stickers You Could Order?
Submit a request and we will contact you shortly.

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5. Branding of Clothes and Stickers
Any clothing has such elements as a nameplate with a company logo, size and composition labels, and a hangtag with model data.

We can additionally create all these elements for you, and then the products will be fully branded by your company.
We will also help with the hangtag design!
6. Product Packaging
Don't forget that the first impression is also important! We can make branded packaging for clothes and stickers.

It could be a box with a logo or a beautiful shopper bag. You decide! :)
We will make custom packaging!
Would You Like to Know the Details and Request Our Price List?
Submit a request and we will contact you shortly.

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Would You Like to See Samples?
Before ordering, you may want to know: Is it possible to check the sizes, evaluate the quality, and see our stickers?
We communicate
in person or
in chats
If you are in Moscow or the Moscow region, we could come to your office, bring samples, and discuss all the details in person.

If you are not in Moscow, we could send you our product samples for quality assessment, talk to you in messengers or via Zoom, and answer all your questions in detail.
Would You Like To Invite Us to a Meeting?
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Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding your order

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